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Introduction to Pakistan & Economy

1 Pakistan's Official Information Gateway www.pakistan.gov.pk
2 The United Nations in Pakistan www.un.org.pk
3 State Bank of Pakistan (The Central Bank) www.sbp.org.pk
4 Ministry of Finance www.finance.gov.pk
5 Board of Investment www.pakboi.gov.pk
6 Federal Board of Revenue www.fbr.gov.pk
7 Privatisation Commission www.privatisation.gov.pk
8 Federal Bureau of Statistics www.statpak.gov.pk
9 Trade Development Authority (formely: The Export Promotion Bureau) www.epb.gov.pk
10 Planning Commission www.planningcommission.gov.pk

Capital Markets

1 The Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (Regulator) www.secp.gov.pk
2 Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited www.psx.com.pk
3 Central Depository Company of Pakistan Limited www.cdcpakistan.com/
4 Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited www.pmex.com.pk
5 National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited www.nccpl.com.pk
6 Financial Markets Assocation of Pakistan www.fma.com.pk
7 Mutal Funds Assocation of Pakistan www.mufap.com.pk
8 Jamapunji (Sarmayakari samjadri kay sath) www.jamapunji.pk
9 SECP's Service Desk Management System sdms.secp.gov.pk

Other Regulators

1 Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) www.pta.gov.pk
2 Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) www.ogra.org.pk
3 Private Power and Infrastructure Board www.ppib.gov.pk/
4 National Tariff Commission www.ntc.gov.pk
5 Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) www.pemra.gov.pk
6 Civil Aviation Authority www.caapakistan.com.pk

Newspapers & Magazines

1 Dawn (English Newspaper) www.dawn.com
2 Business Recorder (English Newspaper) www.brecorder.com
3 The News (English Newspaper) www.thenews.com.pk
4 Daily Times (English Newspaper) www.dailytimes.com.pk
5 The Nation (English Newspaper) www.nation.com.pk
6 Jang (Urdu Newspaper) www.jang.com.pk
7 Nawaiwaqt (Urdu Newspaper) www.nawaiwaqt.com.pk
8 Express (Urdu Newspaper) www.express.com.pk
9 Pakistan & Gulf Economist (Weekly Magzine) www.pakistaneconomist.com
10 Herald (Monthly Magzine) www.dawn.com/herald/index.htm

Other Links

1 JamaPunji www.jamapunji.pk
2 National Reconstruction Bureau www.nrb.gov.pk
3 Sustainable Development Policy Institute www.sdpi.org
4 Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation www.pta.gov.pk
5 Pakistan Meteorological Department www.met.gov.pk
6 Pakistan Housing Authority www.pha.gov.pk
7 Pakistan Agricultural Research Council www.parc.gov.pk
8 National Savings Organization www.savings.gov.pk
9 National Database Registration Authority (NADRA) www.nadra.gov.pk
10 Geological Survey of Pakistan www.gsp.gov.pk
11 Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan www.hdip.com.pk
12 SECP's Service Desk Management System sdms.secp.gov.pk
13 For investor inquiries and grievances muhammad.shakil@efg-hermes.com