EFG Hermes Pakistan's Equity Brokerage operations are among the prominent ones in the industry, supported by fully integrated state of the art software to ensure timely and accurate order execution. Our sales team comprises of experienced and qualified staff maintaining high grade of professional relationship with clients to understand their investment preferences, risk tolerance and to ensure timely feedback in a cost efficient manner. EFG Hermes Pakistan clients, also have the online trading and portfolio management facilities.

The Inter-bank Brokerage desk is being served by the competent professionals. The Company has been enlisted as inter-bank broker with almost all major banks/institutions. EFG Hermes Pakistan aims to maintain top notch presence in this line of business as well.

The Company has a fully operational Commodities Brokerage Section comprises of professional and experienced personnel and state of art system resources. The commodities brokerage business is being transacted through the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited, the only registered exchange in Pakistan for undertaking commodities trading business.


The research department of the Company comprises of competent and well recognized personnel in financial markets, conducting independent and in-depth research on economy, key sectors and companies to help institutional and retail clients in taking informed equity investment decisions and building a healthy portfolio. The Research department provides a daily report called ‘EFG Hermes Pakistan News Briefing' and detailed research reports covering economy and different sectors are also released from time to time. The department also focuses on a weekly technical analysis product along with the regular fundamental research. Customized research reports may also be prepared and provided to our clients, on request.


EFG Hermes Pakistan is well equipped to handle corporate finance services to corporate sector clients, government entities and private investors. The service include Arranging and advising on Debt and Equity Issues (including Private Placements and Public Listing), Underwriting of Equity and Debt issues, Lease and Debt Syndications, Corporate Restructuring, Mergers and acquisitions and Divestitures.